How much CBD oil should I use?

Every individual is different and the required amount of CBD per day will vary accordingly.

We recommend starting with a low amount and increasing gradually, while monitoring results.

The recommended daily allowance presented on the bottle is based on an 80-kilogram (kg) adult and may be adjusted according to weight or preference. Please see table 1 for guidelines on recommended amounts.

Each Jersey Hemp product will deliver a different amount of CBD per drop. Information on how to quantify the amount of CBD in each drop can be found in table 2.

Table 1 : Guidelines for the daily starting amount of CBD according to weightUnits:  Kilograms  |  Pounds  |  Stones
Weight (kg)
0 – 9 10 – 19 20 – 39 40 – 69 70 – 109 110+
1.25mg 5mg 7.5mg 15mg 22.5mg 30mg
Medium CBD
2.5mg 7.5mg 15mg 27.5mg 45mg 60mg
High CBD
5mg 15mg 30mg 55mg 90mg 120mg

CBD is non-toxic and larger amounts may be taken safely. We recommend switching to the higher concentration CBD oils if you require larger amounts.

Table 2 : Quantifying CBD amounts in Jersey Hemp products
Bottle Size Total Amount of CBD Percentage CBD Estimated amount of CBD per drop Estimated amount of CBD per dropper
10ml 500mg 5% 2.5mg 50mg
10ml 1000mg 10% 5mg 100mg
20ml 1000mg 5% 2.5mg 50mg
20ml 2000mg 10% 5mg 100mg

There are approximately 20 drops in one full dropper of oil (~1ml).