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First for U.K. as Commercial CBD Harvesting Licence is Approved, But…

The business is based in the Channel Islands. Jersey Hemp says it's delighted to secure the licence which allows it to harvest flowers for CBD oil.

CBD Testers :

Jersey-based company makes history for hemp in the British Isles

Historically significant event, the first-ever British company to receive a license to harvest hemp flowers for CBD.

The Extract :

Jersey aims to be 'center of excellence' in making CBD

Jersey has real potential in this area, and the issuing of this license signals our clear intent to position ourselves as a center of excellence.

Hemp Today :
A field of Jersey Hemp

Jersey company first to legally produce CBD oil from hemp flower in British Isles

Jersey Hemp has been granted a licence by the government to harvest hemp flowers for the CBD market, producing up to 40 tonnes a year.

The Leaf Desk :

Jersey Grants First CBD Extraction License in British and Irish Isles

Jersey has become the first place in the British and Irish Isles to grant a CBD extraction license. In the rest of the UK, farmers are unabe to extract CBD.

Cannabis Exchange :

Cannabis oil hemp flower harvest 'significant' for Jersey

Jersey has become the first place in the British Isles to grant a licence for farmers to harvest hemp flowers for cannabis oil.

BBC Jersey :

Jersey Grants Britain's First Cannabis Oil Licence

Jersey's become the first place in the British Isles to issue a licence to harvest hemp flowers into cannabis oil.

Channel 103 :

Jersey company first in British Isles to legally produce CBD oil from hemp flower

Jersey Hemp is the first British company to get a licence to harvest hemp flowers for cannabidiol oil (CBD).

Channel ITV :
David amongst the hemp

Cannabis oil ‘significant opportunity’ for Island

The sale of cannabis oil represents a ‘significant opportunity for the Island’s economy’, the Economic Development Minister has said, as a Jersey company has received the first licence to farm hemp for CBD production in the British Isles.

Jersey Evening Post :
The Guardian - Hemp Leaves

Jersey grants licence to harvest hemp flowers for CBD oil

Team of ex-firefighters given go-ahead to legally process crop for cannabidiol extraction.

The Guardian :
David and Corbiere

Hemp hemp hurray! Homegrown CBD on its way

A Jersey company has been granted the first licence in the British Isles to harvest the hemp flower for CBD in a move described as a 'significant opportunity' for the economy.

Bailiwick Express :

Jobs boom for rural communities

Hundreds of millions of pounds are being invested into the UK medical cannabis industry, writes Peter McCusker.

Cannabis Health :

Hemp can tackle Island challenges says Jersey grower

Hemp can be a solution to some of the logistical challenges of being on an Island.

Manx Radio :

The Genuine Articles

Gallery Magazine interviews Jersey Hemp's Christopher Callaghan, Ph.D.

Gallery Magazine :

Could medicinal cannabis be worth £300 million per year for Jersey?

Growing medicinal cannabis in Jersey could increase the Island’s economic output by £300 million per year, according to an industry expert.

Jersey Evening Post :

Farmers on Jersey see hemp as solution to soil problems, and more

Hemp's re-emergence is part of a larger initiative to diversify Jersey's agriculture industry, with tea and honeyberry crops also being planted in other parts of the island.

Hemp Today :

Bumper harvest for Jersey Hemp after long dry summer

Jersey Hemp experienced a bumper season this year – harvesting around 20 per cent more seed than they were expecting.

Jersey Evening Post :

Could an Industrial Hemp Industry help the Channel Island's Horticultural Heritage and Economy?

The Channel Islands are investigating their future with hemp.

The Hemp Club :

Green-fingered thief gives in to hemp-tation

Jersey Hemp are urgently warning islanders to stay away from their crop after a man was spotted stealing a plant from their fields, sparking a Police alert.

Bailiwick Express :

Giving in to hemp-tation

A Special Report for Connect Magazine on Jersey Hemp by Fiona Potigny.

Connect Magazine :

A plant for all reasons

Hemp is an imaginative and exciting diversification for Island farming. Gill Maccabe spoke to the three founders of Jersey Hemp.

Rural Jersey :

Hemp planting could bring 'economic and environmental benefits' to Jersey

More hemp farming is going ahead in Jersey following a successful first trial season.

Channel ITV :

Fields across the Island to be planted with hemp

Jersey's historic hemp industry is to undergo a comeback this summer as fields across the Island are planted with the crop.

Jersey Evening Post :

From potential hospital site - to hemp farm run by firefighters

A site once short-listed to become the future £466million hospital has been revealed as the ‘top secret’ location of a States-backed hemp farm – run by three former firefighters.

Bailiwick Express :

Successful trials likely to lead to increase in hemp production

There is likely to be a 'large increase' in the production of hemp in Jersey next year following successful trials this summer, the Environment Minister has said.

Jersey Evening Post :

Hemp in the Channel Islands

Jersey has seen the 29th meeting of the British-Irish Council; where government representatives and politicians from around the UK and Ireland meet to discuss economic opportunities.

UK Hemp :

Hemp-tation: Crop trial progressing

A trial of locally grown hemp is progressing well after favourable growing conditions this summer.

Bailiwick Express :

High hopes for top-secret hemp crop

A top-secret farming trial to see if hemp can be grown commercially by the Island's agricultural industry is going well – as pictures of the Environment Minister taken among the crop this week illustrate.

Jersey Evening Post :

Hemp trial progress

A trial of locally grown hemp is progressing well following favourable growing conditions this summer.

Government of Jersey :

There's something strange growing in Trinity...

The British like nothing better than a 'cuppa', and if farming trials currently under way in the Island are successful tea plantations could soon be popping up in the countryside.

Jersey Evening Post :

Medical cannabis use could be legal in Channel Islands

Jersey and Guernsey governments are considering reclassifying some cannabis-based products.

BBC Jersey :

Medicinal cannabis to be grown in Jersey?

Cannabis could be grown in the Island – but only for medicinal purposes as part of a programme to introduce alternative crops to diversify agricultural production.

Jersey Evening Post :

Startup gets hemp license on Jersey

IHP says it will study production and processing for hemp oils and fiber. Four varieties of hemp will be grown on a trial basis for a year.

Hemp Today :

COMMENT: Cannabis is high on the agenda

If it was good enough for Queen Victoria, it is surely good enough for the people of Jersey.

Jersey Evening Post :

Hemp could "boost Jersey's farming industry"

Growing hemp in Jersey could boost the Island's agricultural industry, the assistant director for rural economy has said, after a special licence for its production was granted.

Jersey Evening Post :

Cannabis grown in Jersey 'not for recreational use'

Jersey's Environment Department is reassuring islanders that cannabis being grown on the island is not for recreational use.

Channel ITV :

Licence for cannabis to be grown in Jersey issued

Jersey's Health Minister has issued a licence for cannabis to be grown in the island.

Channel ITV :